Book reviews

From time to time, I review books for BBC History Magazine and academic journals. I am also a peer reviewer for Ashgate, the Economic History Review and the Journal of Women’s History. I can be contacted at

BBC History Magazine, 2014: J. Flanders, The Making of the Home (Atlantic Press, 2014) – forthcoming

BBC History Magazine, 2014: A. Light, Common People (Fig Tree, 2014)

BBC History Magazine, 2014: A. Lycett, Wilkie Collins: A Life of Sensation (Windmill Books, 2014)

BBC History Magazine2013: R. Goodman, How to be a Victorian (Viking, 2013)

BBC History Magazine, 2011: D Cadbury, Chocolate Wars: from Cadbury to Kraft (Harper Press, 2010)

Economic History Review, 2010: H. Doe, Enterprising Women and Shipping in the Nineteenth Century (Boydell Press, 2009)

Women’s History Review, 2010: G. Ulianova, Female Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Russia (Pickering & Chatto, 2009)

Business History, 2008: L. Ugolini, Men and Menswear. Sartorial consumption in Britain 1880-1939 (Ashgate, 2007).

The London Journal, 2008: M. Spence, The Making of a London Suburb (Merlin, 2007).

The Victorian, 2007: J. White, London in the Nineteenth Century (Jonathan Cape, 2007).

Business History, 2007: H. Barker, The Business of Women (OUP, 2006).

The London Journal, 2007: N. Phillips, Women in Business 1780- 1850 (Boydell, 2006).

Business History, 2006: R.J. Morris, Men, Women and Property in England 1780- 1870 (CUP, 2005).

The Victorian, 2005: Whelan et al, Octavia Hill’s Letters to Fellow Workers 1872-1911 (Kyrle Books, 2005).

Economic History Review, 2005: R. Sweet and P. Lane, Women and Urban Life in Eighteenth-Century England (Ashgate, 2003).

EH.Net, 2003: A. Colli, The History of Family Business 1850-2000 (CUP, 2003).

Economic History Review, 2003: V.G. Drackman, Enterprising Women: 250 years of American Business (UNCP, 2002).



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